Established in 2014 The Mari Funaki Biannual Award celebrates the life and achievements of Japanese/Australian artist and gallery founder Mari Funaki. The Award showcases the best of international and local jewellery makers. This year was no exception…



This year’s winner was David Bielander, for his 'Cardboard' bangle. An extraordinary piece that at first glance seems like a ‘quick 3D sketch’ or a playful maquette making while experiment with an idea. On a closer look I realised that it actually is an exquisite piece made beautifully with very precise details using precious metals but making them look like cardboard, questioning preciousness in such a clever way. Truly amazing piece and deserving of the award!


Sarah Johnston was the Emerging Award winner for her 'Collapsing Time' necklace. A sensual neckpiece comprising beautifully carved onyx and stone pieces.
This exhibition showcases very high standard and diverse pieces, which are meticulously crafted and unquestionably inspiring! A few pieces that stood out for me other than the two award pieces (in no particular order) were

Naoko Inuzuka, 'Where Have I Gone?' necklaces, copper, sterling silver


Selen Özus, 'The Closest', brooch, porcelain, gold


Michihiro Sato, 'Not Two Different Things', brooch, paper, cashew paint, silver, stainless steel



August 24 - September 24, 2016