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How to Wear a Brooch

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brooch is defined as decorative jewellery that is often attached to garments. They’re a great way to express yourself, and transform any outfit with a creative focal point.

In the past brooch pins were used to clasps garments together and acted as a signifier of wealth and status. Throughout history, brooches have had a special ability to reflect both timely fashion trends and deeper cultural influences.

Today, this traditional accessory has been revolutionised and adopted by fashion insiders to become a modern statement that you can easily diversify your jewelry box with funky and unusual brooch designs.

Brooches present infinite possibilities because you have total freedom in choosing where to place them. Adorn your beloved designer bag with a colorful brooch pin for some added flair. Or, you can choose to pin it to your hat, or scarf for a look that will give off the same effect.

For a dose of femininity, embrace flower power with a flower brooch. Take full advantage of their versatility by wearing it in your hair for an elegant twist.

However you choose to style them, brooches can truly be works of art in their own rights. In the modern era ushered in material changes that continue to influence designs today. Recently, designers began experimenting with new materials, such as titanium, stainless steel and wood, providing more flexibility in the size and shape of brooches. 

The use of the brooch for its symbolic powers is still popular today. For example, the female members of the British Royal family are known to use brooches to reinforce diplomatic relations. Other women in high powered positions also wear brooches as subtle political statements and jewelry designs have reflected this social development, becoming bolder and somewhat less delicate.

Due to their versatile nature, they can be worn almost anywhere on the body, including the head, and on any type of clothing. 

Here’s a brief guide to help you style your brooch collection:

  • For a modern twist, you can combine any classic tailored blazer and white-t shirt with a more bold statement brooch pinned to the label.
  • Brooches are traditionally worn on the left side lapel, but rules are less strict with contemporary style.
  • The growing popularity of masculine styles for women looks like it’s here to stay. This trend works well with ornate brooches, as it provides a minimalist backdrop. Gender specific rules are out and influential women have been seen wearing traditionally masculine jewelry styles, such as lapel or tie pins. The same goes for men.
  • Brooches are also perfect for elevating wedding outfits and provide a clever solution for moving from day to evening-wear.
  • Wearing a cluster of small brooches or pins can add personality to a jacket or shirt.
  • You can try wearing brooches on your hat or even in your hair.
  • Brooches also act as a good substitute for earrings and necklaces, offering a similar effect while minimising the need for bright colours.