“I have just visited the solo exhibition of Dutch designer Iris van Herpen, currently showing at my favourite Design Museum in Holon, Israel.

Iris van Herpen is known for her sophisticated, sculptured garments in which she combines traditional craftsmanship and meticulous handwork with innovative techniques and materials such as 3-D printing. This comprehensive exhibition displays a selection of her work ranging from 2007 to the present day.

Her choice of material is quite extraordinary: specially processed leather, synthetic boat rigging and umbrella whalebones to name a few… With these, she creates amazing wearable sculptures, often with unusual silhouettes, which appear both organic and futuristic.

I have seen photographs of her work previously and found them intriguing, but seeing them close up, made me really appreciate her genius constructions and exquisite finish.

Van Herpen combines fine art, design and fashion skills to create wearable pieces with sculptural and conceptual qualities that stimulate further reflection on the phenomenon of fashion.”

Fantastic inspiration for the whole inSync design team.