We have just returned home from a wonderful trip to Los Angeles. Everyone is already back in the studio working on the new range which is due to come out in July. Before things get hectic again, we thought we would spill the beans on all the wonderful things we saw on our mini-holiday.

DWELL on Design turned out to be a wonderful showcase of up-and-coming designers. It gave excellent exposure to inSync design as an Australian contemporary design brand. We met a lot of lovely new jewellers, designers and artists who will remain in our network.

We made a visit to the Walt Disney Concert Hall to see the spectacular building design by inspiring architect Frank Gehry. Worth a visit for the building alone.



We experienced the incredible works of Israeli-born contemporary artist Arik Levy at the new Please Do Not Enter gallery space in Downtown LA. The Intimate Formations exhibition was truly astonishing with the large-scale sculptures and neon works.  The beautifully crafted formations reflected the surroundings changing our perspective of the space.



We then headed to the incredible Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to discover some more art.



Some highlights were the minimalist large scale metal sheet installation Band from Richard Serra, the astonishing De Wain Valentine’s Red Concave Circle where transparent resin circle reflects light through the room and the environment encapsulating work Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer.



Finally, we had a true Hollywood experience and took a walk down the Boulevard. It just so happened that Steve Martin was receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award so we got to see all the glitz and glam of Hollywood stars, a fun way to end our trip!