What an experience! Seeing one of my all time favourite sculptors Richard Serra while in NYC was a major highlight!

Moving through a series of enormous metal slabs in various configurations gave me a very tangible experience of scale, weight, balance and space. 



The work features 16 foot-thick metal slabs set on a rectangular grid. Strolling between them made me feel so small in comparison and in awe of the sheer size and strength of the oversized forged and rusted steel structures. Each piece has a powerful presence while I became acutely aware of details, light and sound surrounding me. Almost a spiritual experience.




The second piece, Silence (for John Cage), a minimalist masterwork featuring an 80-ton forged steel slab, which is laid-down horizontally. It dominates the space and almost fills it entirely. It is quite simple and raw.



Gagosian Gallery

522 West 21st Street, Manhattan

MAY 7 - OCTOBER 22, 2016