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Silver or Gold? - Why Not Wear Both With Our Two-Tone Earrings, Brooches and Necklaces

Avoiding pairing silver and gold jewellery is a style myth. Jewelry is about expressing your personal style, and there are no hard rules about how you should wear it. Perhaps you prefer to stick to minimal jewellery, or maybe you like a the layered look to make a statement. Do you tend to choose gold rather than silver? No matter your jewellery habits, you can’t go wrong when combining the two.

inSync design - Nest Necklace


Why not couple a gold hoop with a silver layer like the X2 Puff Earrings, this option does not require you to have a double piercing. 

inSYnc design - X2 Puff Earrings

Even better is to let us do the work for you and choose any piece from our X2 Collection, where you can incorporate the two classic tones into one beautiful piece.

Mixed-Metal Necklaces

Why wear a boring gold or silver chains when you could wear statement necklace that combines two colours like the X2 Tangle Necklace?

inSync design - X2 Tangle Necklace

Two-Tone Earrings

Not sure which colour earrings suit you? Let these silver-gold combinations decide for you, you can’t go wrong…

inSync design - X2 Boulder Earrings

inSync design - X2 Hang Earrings

inSync design - X2 Large Stud Earrings