During the Easter break, we saw the SLIPSTITCH exhibition curated by Dr Belinda von Mengersen, held at the Ararat Regional Art Gallery.

This exhibition presents an Australian perspective on contemporary embroidery by the artists: Mae Finlayson, David Green, Lucas Grogan, Alice Kettle, Tim Moore, Silke Raetze, Demelza Sherwood, Matt Siwerski, Jane Theau, Sera Waters, Elyse Watkins and Ilka White.


We enjoyed the fresh approach of these artists who tell a story in such a poignant and reflective narrative, with meticulous workmanship using both hand and machine embroidery in simple and intuitive ways as a drawing tool.



Some of the works reminded us of the work by Tel Aviv artist Amon Lipkin who creates wonderful urban landscapes with his sewing machine. Iris was lucky enough to see this in person when she visited Israel last month. Check out the image below.


April 14, 2015 — Iris Saar Isaacs