Her work in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art was spread along a very long corridor, which highlighted the lengthy process of exploration and the intricacy of her work. Kaminski goes through many different complex processes to create the forms and designs in her jewellery pieces. As Kaminski described,

“The actual process is what I am most interested in. I spend a lot of time attempting to understand the logic of structures, and sometimes the byproduct of this process is a jewellery piece. It is easier for me to understand an abstract idea when I have the object in front of me.”



Kaminski twists and resoles the metal, splits and resets the stones, paints pigment into concrete, intertwines metal with precious stones.



Despite these complex processes her works almost look untouched as if natural formations instead of man made designs. By doing so, she almost makes a comment on the way we as jewellers spend so much time create new artificial designs instead of appreciating the natural, organic beauty in the world.



Her work holds very intricate meaning. For example, the love heart shaped brooch which Kaminski splits in two and resets together, aims to draw on the idea that we are all from the same rock, split in two but we all belong together.



What: Vered Kaminski: Artificial Stones
Where: Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv
When: 10 June 2015 - 16 January 2016