Contemporary Jewellery Yearbook 2011, SPAIN

“The CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY YEARBOOK 2011 is the new bilingual publishing project aimed at promoting and disseminating contemporary jewellery all over the world. Almost 150 artists from 26 countries are participating in this international community, and together they entail a merger of the most diverse creative languages. They are artists working in design, experimentation, emotions, art… all in the corporal sphere, who contribute their interests, their reflections and their way of viewing jewellery to this annual catalogue. The first print yearbook of contemporary jewellery is indeed a collective, shared challenge that aims to become a worldwide referent thanks to its content in international creative inquiry in jewellery, which has never before seen compiled.

The contemporary jewellery yearbook 2011 has been coordinated and edited by Grupo Duplex, the publisher of the magazine Arte y Joya, a longstanding international publication which is a benchmark in the universe of jewellery.”