Cobble Necklace - Black

Cobble Necklace - Black


The whimsical Cobble necklace is a unique piece that can take you from the office to dinner.

This 'hand-drawn' statement necklace is designed as a continuous line that extends seamlessly from the drawing into a flexible black neoprene tubing to create a single line the whole way around.

Each necklace comes with short and long lengths of neoprene to allow for personal preference.

To open the necklace, hold the rubber at the end of the cord and pull it away from the stainless steel (as opposed to stretching the neoprene itself). If length shortening is required, simply cut the neoprene rubber with scissors.

Please note that unlike rubber, neoprene does not perish with perfume and the body's natural oils.

material: 100% hypoallergenic stainless steel, black neoprene rubber, black powder coat

size: drawing - 110 x 35mm (4.33 x 1.37 inch), necklace - 170 x 130mm (6.69 x 5.11 inch)

Styling Tip: The Cobble Necklace design is very versatile and would match several of our earring designs. Our favourite pairings would be X2 BoulderWispAmulet or the Clique Ring.

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