Clique Ring - Raw Stainless Steel



material: 100% hypoallergenic stainless steel

size: Maximum width (ring height) is approx. 15mm (0.59 inch)

The inSync rings come in various widths, from 20-40mm that change and undulate along the drawn line. They should not be measured similarly to a wedding band as they have a wider grip on the finger. We, therefore, recommend selecting one size larger than you normally would with the thin band.

We offer the rings in 3 sizes (but can also custom make most sizes):

Small - approx. size 5-6

Medium - approx. size 7-8

Large - approx. size 9-10

A ring shouldn’t be tough to remove or leave an indent on your skin when you take it off, that’s too small. also, if the ring slips off without any effort, it’s likely too big and could easily be misplaced.

Your ring is designed for daily wear. However, we recommend taking it off when doing activities that could damage the metal like gardening, doing the dishes or working out.

We use our hands constantly, so daily wear and tear mean that the gold plating might wear off over time (we can re-plate it for you) while the raw stainless steel rings will maintain their luster and shape indefinitely.

Generally, your ring will change over time. The first place where this is noticeable is in the finish. Daily wear creates tiny scratches on the surface of the metal, giving the ring its own unique patina that will become a satin finish over time.

Styling Tip: The Clique Ring can be paired with the Gale Brooch, Cobble Necklace, or the Bow Earrings to complete the look.