X2 Twist Brooch - Gold/Black/Raw


The X2 Twist Brooch is made of three fragments layered in black, silver, and gold to create the perfect balance of restraint and surprise.

This whimsical 'hand-drawn' brooch brings individuality and a distinct accent to any outfit.

It is crafted from feather-light and hypoallergenic stainless steel and designed as a continuous line that extends seamlessly from the body of the brooch to become the closing pin.

Please note - The coloured layers are selected randomly and therefore the order may vary slightly. Also, if you would like only two colours, please let us know and we can customise it to your needs.

We recommend inserting the pin vertically into a garment, in the chance that the catch opens; the brooch will remain on the garment.

material: 100% hypoallergenic stainless steel, 22CT matt gold plate, black powder coat

size: 62 x 74mm (2.44 x 2.91 inch)

Styling Tip: The X2 Twist Brooch can be paired with several of our earrings for a true statement. Our favorite pairings are X2 TwistBosketRevel, or Atria Ring.