ARTFUL INSIGHT: Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei exhibition, NGV, Melbourne

As I entered the NGV, Ai Weiwei’s Forever bicycles and the chandelier stopped me in my tracks… These two monumental pieces created such a striking impression initially for their sheer size and on second observation for the clever construction of the sculptures. What a fantastic entrance to lead into the exhibition… it certainly built high expectations…


 Ai Weiwei exhibition   Ai Weiwei exhibition


This major exhibition of two significant artists of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries explores their influences on modern art and contemporary life.

A very extensive exhibition of more than 300 works, including installations, paintings, sculpture, film, photography, publishing and social media.


Ai Weiwei exhibition  Ai Weiwei exhibition


Presenting the work of both artists, the exhibition explores modern and contemporary art, life and cultural politics through the activities of the two artists – one of whom represents twentieth century modernity from an American perspective; and the other contemporary life in the twenty-first century in modern China.


Ai Weiwei exhibition  Ai Weiwei exhibition


Both artists have been equally critical in redefining the role of ‘the artist’ – as a cultural producer, activist, and a brand – and both are known for their keen observation and documentation of contemporary society and everyday life.


11 DEC 15 – 25 APR 2016