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Timeless style is an elevated classic fashion style that doesn't date. It consists of refined basics, sophisticated statement jewellery and streamlined capsule outfits that avoid being identified by a particular fashion trend.

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Have a glimpse into the exhibitions Iris explored and get her personal insights into these extraordinary shows.

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Express yourself with wearable art jewellery, we can help you curate a look that’s as unique and individual as you are. Ready to shine? - Start with our styling tips.

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NGV Triennial 2024
Earlier this month I revisited the NGV Triennial for the third time. Living in Melbourne has its perks, and being able to soak up the amazing exhibits at the NGV is definitely one of them. I made sure to catch all my favourite installations before the exhibit wrapped up.
Some standout installations for me this year include the mesmerizing works by Azuma Makoto, the captivating Mun-Dirra (Maningrida Fish Fence), the iconic Schiaparelli, and the stunning creations by Lin Fanglu.
I also had the chance to explore Tadao Ando’s MPavilion in Queen Victoria Gardens, which was an absolute delight.
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Providing tips on how to safely and easily remove different types of stud earrings is very important for us. This article covers removing push-back, screw-back, and safety-back styles, and provides general earring care advice like cleaning and prevention of infections.
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Keep your stainless steel jewelry looking shiny and new with these cleaning tips. Use mild dish soap, baking soda, vinegar, toothpaste or an ultrasonic cleaner to gently remove dirt, grime and tarnish. Be careful of scratches, don't use harsh chemicals, and store properly.
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In a world dominated by mass-produced items, handmade necklaces are a testament to the artistry and creativity of skilled artisans. These unique treasures carry a distinct charm and energy that machines can never replicate. In this blog, we will delve...
At inSync, we understand the power of a well-chosen accessory. A simple pair of earrings can transform an outfit, adding that perfect finishing touch. But why settle for any ordinary pair of earrings when you can choose designer earrings?  These...
If you're a lover of unique handmade jewellery and don't like to wait, then inSync design's scheme with Afterpay can have you wearing your new accessories in record time. Available with every purchase, Afterpay provides you with an accessible payment plan option so you can easily become the proud new owner of those stylish handmade earrings you've had your eye on.
Why stainless steel?
Stainless steel was the obvious choice of metal for its qualities of strength, hypoallergenic and non-tarnish characteristics. Let us share with you briefly everything we know about this incredible material...

Q: Tell me more about the pieces

A: Our entire collection combines industrial processes and handcraft
techniques and are designed and made in Melbourne, Australia!

We use lightweight and hypoallergenic materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and rubber to ensure our pieces are comfortable and allergy-resistant. 
We are committed to crafting high-quality contemporary jewellery with
outstanding customer service and accessible pricing.


In an era of mass-production, conformity and dispensability, inSync delight in rebellion.

“For over a decade I have been making contemporary jewellery by hand from the comfort of my cosy Melbourne studio. Having previously studied
graphics, silversmithing and sculpture, inSync design allows me to
continually push boundaries while exploring new ideas and methods."


This year’s illustration was done in collaboration with the very talented German illustrator Tina Zellmer. I was initially attracted to Tina’s colourful drawn collages that combine traditional handmade collage, painted textures and pencil drawings, as well as digital techniques. I love her multiple transparent layers she blends with dreamy textures and graphic elements.



I wanted to collaborate with other artists for quite some time, and I finally did something about it… I have just finished inSync’s first collaboration with the super talented Swedish illustrator

Cecilia Lundgren.



We are absolutely thrilled to be awarded the IDA Silver Award and receive an Honourable Mention at the Jewelry Category of the International Design Award 2014  for the Pebble Collection!