“As a maker, I strive to minimise my ecological impact by making pieces that will last the test of time due to the material choices and its timeless appeal. I am very conscious of creating pieces of value by considering factors such as functionality, recyclability, and durability of each piece.”  - Iris Saar Isaacs 

inSync design has long been a champion of producing locally, despite knowing how difficult and expensive it is to make in Australia but doing it anyway. 

inSync design jewellery is made of stainless steel. It was our obvious choice of metal for its strength, durability, hypoallergenic properties, non-tarnish characteristics and its indefinite recyclability. Allowing for a long life span and ease of wear with no maintenance. 

We avoid using base metals that may result in allergic reactions. Instead we create pieces using stainless steel that is not harmful to people during its production or use, it is a green product and is 100% recyclable. It is not coated with any toxic materials and therefore does not produce any toxic run-off. 

inSync design jewellery is easy to clean without harsh chemicals, which means you don’t harm the water supply while keeping your jewels in perfect condition.

Our packaging, made of felt and stainless steel is designed to be light, compact and protective. Using these raw materials allows for reusability, recyclability, and extended life cycle.

We love storing our precious jewels in these contemporary pouches when we travel and we encourage you to do the same. However if you do not need the packaging and would like to send them back to us to reuse, we will be grateful and will pay for the return postage.

All design, production and distribution activities are based at the inSync design studio in Melbourne, Australia. This allows us to ensure high-quality production is maintained across the entire process while encouraging flexibility and innovation. 

inSync jewellery can be worn for many years, standing the test of time looking beautiful and timeless, for effortless transition across seasons and looks. 

We love slow design, where we take our time to do things well, and responsibly. It allows us, the makers, and the wearer to derive pleasure from it, for many years to come. We are proud of these practices, and are committed to the process of getting better at what we do, and inspired to make jewellery that we hope you’ll proudly wear (for a long, long time).

Each piece is informed by the same ethos - Australian design and craftsmanship that is made to last and designed to be passed on. 

Buy once. Buy well.
100% designed and made in Australia | 100% Exceptional Quality