ARTFUL INSIGHT: Mirka Mora: Pas De Deux - Drawings and Dolls

MIRKA MORA - Pas De Deux

This is The Gallery Series, where our founder - Iris Saar Isaacs explores her favorite exhibitions, gallery openings, and museums, giving you a unique insight into her artistic process.

The retrospective exhibition of Mirka Mora features some of the artists' most personal work: drawings and soft-sculpture dolls from her home and studio where she kept them close for many years.

This exhibition gave me a detailed glimpse into Mirka’s enchanting and playful world of fairy tales and her child-like imagination. Being surrounded by her distinctive artwork felt like daydreaming in the surreal world that she has created. It was a truly immersive experience that I highly recommend to anyone in Melbourne over the next week.

This exhibition is currently showing at Heide Museum of Modern Art until March 24th. It is one of my favorite art institutions in Melbourne, that has been representing inSync design jewellery in their shop for over a decade.