ARTFUL INSIGHT: Alexander Calder: Radical Inventor

The Gallery Series #2 - Alexander Calder: Radical Inventor

This is The Gallery Series, where our founder - Iris Saar Isaacs explores her favorite exhibitions, gallery openings, and museums, giving you a unique insight into her artistic process.

To say that I was in awe of this exhibition is an understatement!

Alexander Calder’s work is one of my all-time favorite artists and a major source of inspiration to my work. Seeing this exhibition at the NGV was an absolute delight.

The Radical Inventor exhibition presents a mix of sculptural and pictorial compositions, but Calder’s most recognised work is his kinetic sculptures and mobiles, which have always fascinated me for their simple yet radical methods of exploring ideas technically and conceptually. I am drawn to his minimalist and clever use of line in a three-dimensional manner that has been an evident inspiration in my work.

This exhibition provides an extensive overview of his work including his two-dimensional studies of line and space in large scale sculpture and jewellery; his three-dimensional wire portraits and circus figures, and his most acclaimed artistic inventions - the mobiles.

Alexander Calder: Radical Inventor
NGV International, 5 Apr 19 – 4 Aug 19