ARTFUL INSIGHT: The Kaleidoscopic Turn

Last week we visited the Kaleidoscopic Turn exhibition at the NGV Australia for a little inspiration.

The exhibition compiles work by international figures of the ‘Opt Art‘ era, including Bridget Riley, Olafur Elliasson, Ross Manning, Elizabeth Newman, Matt Hinkley and many more.

The paintings and installations developed a beautiful dialogue between optical illusion, colour, texture and light. It took us on an almost multi-sensory journey with sound and visuals encompassing each space throughout the exhibition.


The Kaleidoscopic Turn


Emerald inSync design’s Media Coordinator said,

“The exhibition celebrated the wonderful works the NGV collection has to offer. It highlighted the imagination and brilliant complexity of ideas which went into producing the different works. I was stunned by the great depth of detail that went into producing such simple but transformative artworks.”

Emerald’s favourite work was Zilvinas Kempinas’s ‘DOUBLE O’ installation. The work was made up of two large circles made from video tape which were kept in the air by two large industrial fans which blew air between them. The way the O’s danced with each other created a magical illusion, which at first seemed almost unbelievable.

One of the greatest things about our visit was how it reminded us how lucky we are to have access to such great exhibitions for no cost at all. Melbourne has so many different shows, programs and events to offer which help to keep us constantly inspired as artists.


The Kaleidoscopic Turn