ARTFUL INSIGHT: The Rigg Design Prize 2015

The Rigg Design Prize 2015 is the highest accolade for object and furniture design in Australia.

The 2015 selected finalists include Adam Goodrum (NSW), Brodie Neill (TAS), Daniel Emma (SA), Kate Rohde (VIC), Khai Liew (SA), Korban/Flaubert (NSW) and Koskela (NSW) in collaboration with the weavers of Elcho Island Arts (NT).


The Rigg Design Prize 2015


This year’s design prize was awarded to Adam Goodrum for the Unfolding installation, which I thought was original, exciting and poetic at the same time. I loved his use of acrylic sheet with dichroic filter that created a dreamy environment of reflections/ transparencies and layers within the house structures. Wow!


Unfolding installation


Overall it was a very exciting and diverse exhibition. All the work on display was original, diverse and authentic objects and furniture ranging from functional to conceptual design.


18 SEP 15 – 7 FEB 16


exciting and diverse exhibition