Model wearing inSync Design earrings

Unusual earrings can certainly punctuate and elevate any outfit. Whether you consider yourself a minimalist or prefer statement and sophisticated earrings, they can help add a layer of elegance to one’s ensemble. 

X2 Large Stud

Consider the X2 Large Studs, known for their minimalist, sculptural, and artful take on studs, that can easily become future heirlooms. Or the timeless, architectural Flux Earrings that can easily stand on their own.

Flux Earrings

The best minimalist earrings are those that aren’t necessarily the centre point of an outfit, but they help tie an entire look together. Whether you’re heading to the office or attending a wedding, there are a myriad of options that fit the bill. We love the twisted silver and gold Lithe earrings when paired with a simple white tee and tailored trousers. 

X2 Lithe Earrings

The Aura stud earrings are perfect to pack for upcoming summer escapes when paired with a dreamy vacation dress. And don’t forget, a classic hoop earrings are a style staple for any reason - they can be worn to work, to dinner, and beyond.

X2 Puff earrings

Shop inSync's unusual hoop earrings variation - X2 Puff  for an alternative take on the classic silhouette, they are a must for everyday wear.

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