Wisp earrings

We believe that you should never sacrifice comfort for style… especially with earrings.

We've put together a few tips to help you care for your earrings and earlobes while wearing earrings daily, making sure you make a statement, comfortably…

Bosket earrings

We recommend removing your earrings before you go to bed at night. Smaller stud or hoop earrings may not be such a big deal, but you'll definitely want to remove larger earrings before you go to sleep. That guarantees that no sheets or PJ’s will be snagged, and you will protect them from getting damaged. 

X2 Large Outline Earrings

If you love large statement earrings and hoops, and tend to wear them every day, try giving your lobes a little rest by wearing small studs or buggies, as they are unlikely to weigh your ear down. If you prefer a minimalist look - an everyday stud, will be a fun switch up. If you have multiple ear piercings you can mix and match various stud combinations.

X2 Boulder earrings

Limit the time you're wearing your heavier earrings or jewellery in general. After a night out, make sure you take off those show-stoppers jewels. It's important to give your earlobes a break as soon as possible at the end of the night. 

X2 Stone earrings

Lightweight and hypoallergenic earrings are your best friend!  

If you like wearing larger earrings, we recommend opting for lightweight and hypoallergenic styles. 

We encourage you to enjoy some outstanding and unusual ear candy, and we encourage you to have fun with it, but most importantly - do what feels good!

Loop Studs Earrings