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It’s no secret that the world has undergone many, many changes throughout 2020 due to Covid. One of those changes was working from home as a ‘new normal’. Many of us have grown accustomed to working remotely and have decked out our home office spaces, but DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE IS A SECRET ZOOM FILTER THAT WILL MAKE YOU LOOK INFINITELY BETTER DURING YOUR WFH CALLS? (In video settings, click ‘Touch up my appearance’.)

Unfortunately, the filter has limits and will not make it look like you’ve washed your hair or brushed your teeth. It also can’t make you look like you’re wearing a nice, work-appropriate sweater, rather than your pyjamas. But you don’t need to unnecessarily touch your face.

On video conversations, it’s time to raise your jewellery game. Wearing jewellery not only signals to your mind and body that it’s time to get to work, but it may also help you feel more polished, ready to face the day, and productive. Not to mention the joy that comes with wearing your favourite outfits.

Not only does putting on jewellery signal to your mind and body that it’s time to get to work, it can also make you feel more polished, ready to take on the day and more productive. Not to mention the happiness that stems from wearing your favourite pieces.

It’s time to show off those statement earrings and bring a pop of colour back into your life with a funky brooch or a statement necklace. 

With a few unusual jewellery pieces, your basic look will brighten up not just your day, but your co-workers’ days as well as they enjoy your beautiful pieces through video calls.


Virtual meetings are basically the jewellery gods giving you the perfect excuse to wear your best and boldest earrings.

From small stud earrings, and dazzling hoop earrings to some seriously statement earrings, you can jazz up any outfit on your virtual calls, even if you’re still in your pyjama pants! 


The majority of video calls show you from about chest up. This means that adding a touch of jewellery to your neckline can go a long way in enhancing your appearance.

Can’t decide which necklace to wear? Throw on a few to create a layered look! Popular with any outfit, layered necklaces mix different styles of metals, colours and lengths to create the necklace version of “I just woke up like this” hairstyle. 

If you want to look really put together you can even match your necklace with your earrings. Whether you prefer to stick to one classic, bold necklace, or mixing it up by putting a few together.


Brooches, have been a sartorial staple since the Bronze Age, when they were used as a practical means for securing clothing—and they have become ever more versatile over time.

Brooches had evolved into staple statement pieces for everyday life, not just for special occasions, which added flair, drama and wit to even the simplest ensembles.

these days there are no real rules when it comes to wearing brooches. Brooches look the coolest when styled unexpectedly. Placing them on your lapel is perfectly fine, but I love to use them as a closure for a sexier top, or to cinch the waist of a skirt. Or, put them on a white t-shirt."

But this being the season for maximalism, do take the "more is more" approach. Why stop at one when you can have several? A cluster of brooches is the new charm necklace.


While rings and bracelets won’t be front and centre during video calls like earrings and necklaces, almost everyone talks with their hands, touches their face or plays with their hair. In other words, your hands are sure to make an appearance on way or another.

Show those other Zoom attendees that you mean business when they see your beautifully put together hands. 

Even if your beautiful hands don’t make an appearance, if wearing a statement ring is going to bring joy to your day then why not wear them?

You can’t always see your earrings and necklaces, but you can always glance down at your rings and count on them to bring some sparkle to your day. 

While we all continue to sail these uncharted waters and have changes thrown at us almost daily, one thing that you can control is how you look and feel each and every day.