inSync design Collectible Jewellery

The easiest way to comply with corporate dress codes is to keep your wardrobe simple. For years, you’ve rotated a handful of black outfits that fit the bill. You’ve had enough. While you can’t change company policy, you can bring your bold and unique style to the office with statement jewellery from inSync design. Statement jewellery utilises unusual colours, shapes, materials, and combinations thereof to create timeless pieces that highlight your individuality. Once only available through select boutiques, you can now shop direct at our online store for statement brooches, earrings, and necklaces sure to accentuate the company-mandated conservative attire.

We aim to create jewellery with a modern flair that is as unique as you are. Our award-winning collections are handmade and crafted at our studio in Melbourne. Inspired by nature and fuelled by our thirst for innovation, we take special care to create pieces that aren’t just accessories. Rather, we strive to make timeless contemporary art with each article of jewellery. Our creations have been available for purchase internationally and displayed at galleries and museums throughout Australia, Europe, and the USA. We blend the latest technology with traditional crafting techniques to meticulously designed jewellery that makes a statement. Ever bold, our pieces are fashioned from durable, high-quality, locally-sourced materials and are designed to be worn, cherished, and last a lifetime.

Make a Statement with Wearable Art

More than making a statement, we design our pieces to be lightweight, hypoallergenic, and comfortable to wear. Green earlobes from sub-quality materials is not the statement you want your earrings to make. inSync design use stainless steel, aluminium, and rubber, to reduce the chance of allergic reactions. We are dedicated to quality and performance from design conception until each piece’s final inspection before leaving the studio. Each of our statement necklaces has two pieces of connecting rubber allowing you to adjust your statement necklace to the desired length or to accommodate larger persons. These are just two of the factors we consider when setting out to create bold and beautiful pieces that are as comfortable to wear as they are stylish.

Statement Brooches and More from inSync design

Brooches are an excellent way to make a statement without having to wear anything connected to the skin. Statement brooches provide an elegant yet whimsical flair to any ensemble. Likewise, our collection of statement brooches proves that making a statement doesn’t mean adorning bulky or gaudy pieces. Delicate, colourful, and often asymmetrical, our statement brooches strike a balance between minimalism and sophistication.

The opening of our online store allows you to shop our designs directly from the studio. Shop from the comfort of your home and gain access to all our offerings, not just what’s available at the boutique where you shop. We offer free shipping on orders over $200 and secure payment options on all transactions. Proud of our work and confident in its longevity, each piece comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s time to revitalise your work wardrobe with intricately designed jewellery that is sure to turn heads. Start small with earrings and grow your collection over time. Be bold. Make a statement with jewellery from inSync design.