Brooches have been an important accessory since time immemorial, although modern brooches have evolved to take on much more of a purely decorative role. In the past, these items were often used for securing items such as cloaks and coats, keeping them closed and the wearer more protected from the elements. Today, we don't usually share those same concerns, and so we're able to enjoy the aesthetic value and intrinsic beauty a brooch can add to your outfit. At inSync design, we've taken our love for this popular accessory and added our unique spin to create handmade brooches that look right at home on any outfit.

Our goal with every design we create is not only to make something that reflects our high standards for quality but also to provide the women who shop with us a new way to express themselves. Love and care go into the creation of every item we offer for sale with the intent that they will become a part of your life forever. From the quality of our materials to the innovative spirit that runs throughout our craft, we know our brooches always attract compliments. Show off your style with some of these incredibly fun and functional statement brooches.

Modern brooches to suit modern, unique tastes

One look at the types of brooches we offer, and it should become apparent right away that these designer items stem from a fresh approach to traditional inspirations. By looking to the elements of nature and of our daily lives, inSync design creates modern brooches that offer a fun and new way to express your style. For example, our Waratah brooch recalls the iconic shape of its namesake flower in a whimsical manner that reminds of the quick sketch of an artist. Lightweight and made from highly durable stainless steel, it's ideal even for daily wear. Our Flower brooches make a similar statement.

Similarly, the Tuft brooch is a visual stunner, with its wealth of negative space made even more impressive by the single continuous line of steel that forms the design. A stand-out design, these and others can complement a minimalist approach to fashion. When "less is more," every item you choose to wear should draw the eye. inSync design strives to do just that.

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We may not need to rely on brooches for purely functional reasons anymore, but isn't that the fun of wearing them? Now, with our fresh and modern take on designer brooches, you can augment your outfit with fashion accessories that draw the eye — and interesting comments! Whether you choose the aquatic flourish of a Rapids brooch or the convention-defying Scribble design, you'll enjoy the compliments you receive on your intriguing sense of taste and style.

Shop for new handmade statement brooches now, or explore our FAQ page to learn more about the jewellery we create. Have questions or comments you'd like to share with the inSync design team? Contact us online.