The classic brooch is a time-tested accessory worn for centuries by fashion-forward women. These versatile pieces can add style and interest to any outfit, and there are as many looks available as there are women to wear them. This specific type of jewellery is making a comeback in a big way as today’s shoppers discover their ability to transform any top, dress, or jacket into something special. Brooches look fantastic pinned on the left side of a dress or jacket as traditionally worn, but there are also numerous other ways to wear brooches that showcase your creativity and personal style.

Add interest to your collar

Contemporary brooches are at home in unexpected places, such as on your collar. Try adding matching brooches to both sides of your jacket collar to up your look’s “wow” factor and make your jacket look fancier. Colourful brooches look great on simple black jackets or choose a colour from your jacket to highlight and look for a brooch that matches or complements it. You can even select two different brooches for extra interest; consider looking for two similar options or two that share their colour but not shape. Or mix it up in any way you like; after all, this is about you expressing your personal style.

Create a statement cluster

A cluster of different brooches is an eye-catching and fun way to make a statement. Many pieces of contemporary jewellery play the mix-and-match game very well, so feel free to play around with colour and size to create the unique effect you want. It’s also a great way to highlight several of your favourite pieces at one time – no need to agonise over which one looks best. You can mix colours, sizes, and materials to achieve the perfect cluster. Consider placing several similarly-sized but differently-designed brooches together, or balance a trio of brooches with large, medium, and small elements. Brooch clusters are an excellent way to have fun with fashion.

Define your waistline

Your neck, chest, and shoulders are not the only places you can display your favourite brooch. What about pinning a brooch to the waist of a basic dress? This approach serves a couple of purposes. First, it defines your waist, making it appear smaller. Second, it adds interest to an otherwise plain dress. If your hips have a little more curve than you’d like to showcase, place a large statement piece a bit higher to draw attention to your narrowest part.

inSync design: contemporary jewellery designers

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