Few accessories offer the same level of versatility for complementing your outfit as fashion earrings. From chandelier earrings to a more traditional stud style, they offer you a fast and easy way to draw attention to your fashion sense, to stand out from the crowd, or just to make a statement among friends. Do you often find that what you typically encounter while shopping for jewellery such as earrings doesn't mesh with your style, though? Perhaps you're looking for something that innovates without being completely avant-garde, or maybe you're an individual who understands what type of jewellery looks best on you.

At inSync design, our entire philosophy pivots around creating unique and eye-catching jewellery for the women out there who know just what they want to say with their outfit. For those who love "outside the box" thinking and a distinctive approach to a traditional form of art and fashion, our extensive product catalogue is sure to contain something that captures your imagination. Featured in some of the finest galleries and museums around the world, these designer products can occupy a special position in your wardrobe especially when paired with elegant outfits and even everyday situations. What is it about our approach to chandelier and stud earrings that sets these designs apart?

Handmade earrings perfect for every occasion

We emphasise a seamless approach to design with each of the pieces we create, transforming earrings from static pieces of jewellery into items that naturally extend from our body. You won't find any heavy, handmade earrings here that make you feel as though you've added far too much weight to your piercings — in fact, inSync design creates every item with the goal of being as lightweight, hypo-allergenic, and therefore as wearable as possible. From the muted elegance of the Bulb earrings to the "wow" factor of our chandelier earrings, these are unique ways to add accents to any modern outfit.

Other items in our designer lines include the X2 set, created with the idea of mixing up the various layers of colours and shapes to express your fashion sense through your accessories. All our jewellery not only works well for any occasion, but they are easy to care for, too. When the evening is over, return your items to their included travel pouch for safekeeping until next time.

Locate your favourite designs and place an order today

The opportunity to access beautiful designs by award-winning jewellery creators doesn't have to remain limited to the rare opportunity to visit a prestigious gallery. inSync design proudly offers all these items for sale directly through our website. In fact, it's easy to browse our earrings right now, and even easier to order. Every item receives individual attention and quality assurance before it leaves our workshop — and we guarantee every piece for life, too. The result is jewellery you can enjoy for years to come. Shop with us today to uncover your new favourite designs.