inSync design Collectible Jewellery

Online shopping has proved to be advantageous for both retailers and consumers. Retailers benefit from a customer pool far more extensive than those that have access to brick and mortar outlets. Consumers enjoy limitless options at the click of a button from anywhere around the world. Gone are the days of being forced to settle for something different because a retailer is out-of-stock. A savvy shopper will take their business to another site. While this may work for average pieces sold by multiple retailers, those who look for unique, collectable, quirky, high-quality, or handmade fashion jewellery designs, are often left endlessly searching for a small number of boutiques that carry their preferred collections.

A New Dawn for inSync design

inSync design has set out to change all of that. Since 2007, we’ve worked tirelessly developing various collections for our customers’ specific tastes. We’ve set out to make contemporary timeless jewelry that is both sophisticated, collectable, and affordable. Originally, the only way to get these works of art was through high-end museums, galleries and boutiques that we distributed to, but now, you can access our whole collection on our online store. This allows our customers access to our growing collection of beautiful, creative, and unique pieces hassle-free.

on our website you can find everything from the original Line Collection, to the minimalist-friendly X2 line, or our most critically-acclaimed Pebble Collection recognised internationally for various design awards.

From the very beginning, we’ve set out to create collectable wearable art that makes a statement. Each collection of fashion jewellery designs is handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

We source the finest materials, we use cutting-edge technology with traditional crafting methods to create lightweight and comfortable jewellery pieces that are made to last. Our pieces create unusual accents for confident women looking to elevate their creative style with bold yet complementing designs. Committed to quality, we inspect each creation before it leaves our studio and offer a lifetime guarantee on all pieces of fashion jewellery online.

Our Gold Fashion Jewelry is the Right Balance of Wow!

We draw from the dynamic world around us for inspiration and dedicate ourselves to continual innovation both in design and craft. Our pieces are influenced by nature, our environment, fashion, design and architecture. We blend these aesthetics to sculpt a balance of unusual aesthetics with top-quality materials. We use stainless steel, aluminium, rubber, and gold for our fashion jewelry. These materials are known to by hypoallergenic thus reducing the likelihood of allergic reactions. Our fashion jewelry comes in necklaces, earrings, and brooches all designed to be bold, make a statement, and turn heads without being too cumbersome or ostentatious.

We’ve developed a legacy for creating wearable art and are excited to share it with more of you. Our award-winning pieces have been featured internationally in museums and galleries. Don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourself! Our complete inventory of fashion jewellery available online is easy to navigate. Browse by type, collection, what’s new, or what’s on sale. Enjoy secure online purchasing on all orders, and free shipping is available on orders over $200. Perfect for a round of retail therapy or gift giving, shopping high-quality fashion jewellery designs online saves you time while delivering unique, comfortable, jewellery pieces that will last a lifetime.