If you do a lot of online jewellery shopping, you’re probably familiar with the experience of going through site after site finding the same few pieces over and over. It’s sad but true that the jewellery industry can sometimes lack creativity in the retail space. It doesn’t have to be this way though, and one retailer is changing the game for those who buy handmade jewellery online. If you’ve been frustrated trying to find truly unique pieces of gold costume jewellery online, you’re going to be very excited about this standout collection!

At inSync design, our first goal is to get you noticed. We love fearless women, and our unique lines of statement costume pieces are handmade to make a statement. Taking inspiration from the natural world as well as modern minimalism, any piece you buy is sure to draw attention.

It all starts with clever design choices. We utilise comfortable and lightweight materials you don’t always find in jewellery. From aluminium to neoprene rubber, stainless steel, and more, the materials we use ensure our pieces are comfortable as well as stunning. From there, we craft highly individual pieces with an eye to both function and form. If you’re shopping for something that’s really going to send a message, our popular X2 Collection is an excellent place to start.

The X2 Collection

This elegant line of earrings and necklaces reflects a minimalist design philosophy. Minimalism is something you don’t often find in costume jewellery, but with this line, we’ve used subtle shapes and layers to show that gold jewellery doesn't have to look complicated to draw attention and surprise. The most exciting aspect of the X2 line is the option to exchange, add, and subtract different layers on your own, creating a fresh, personal range of looks.

The X2 Medium Necklace displays the quality of this collection well. While the design itself is quite simple, the creative shape and structure of the piece are sure to draw the eye. It’s a look that lasts as well. Drawing on authentic local materials, these handmade pieces are as reliable as they are beautiful and are meant to last a lifetime. Plus, every piece comes packaged in a reusable travel pouch that makes it easy to look amazing anywhere you go.

A Fresh Face for Online Jewellery Shopping

Don’t stay stuck in the same old patterns. Your style says a lot about who you are, and with inSync design jewellery you can find pieces that are as bold and fearless as you are. We set out to create not just jewellery but lasting pieces of art that exude confidence and style.

Next time you go to buy gold jewellery online, get outside the box with inSync Design. With multiple collections and an energetic sense of style, you’re sure to find something to get excited about in our online store. These timeless earrings, necklaces, and brooches make it fun to buy jewellery again while knowing you’re getting quality that will last. To get in touch with us or find out more about our unique design process, click here to contact us today.