Do you love the look of statement necklaces but have questions about how to pull off a style you love? You’ve come to the right place. Wearing funky jewellery can take any outfit to the next level, and necklaces are a great place to start. Dress up a basic tee or take your office wardrobe from boardroom to nightlife with a glitzy statement necklace with these tips.

Stay professional

If you’re looking for something to spice up your conservative workwear, but you still need to keep it professional, you can always accomplish this with a piece of trendy jewelry. There’s no reason “polished” must equal “boring.” Consider wearing a statement necklace around the collar of a buttoned-up blouse to add a pop of colour and interest without compromising your professional image. For a more colourful outfit, keep your necklace within the same colour family for a sophisticated look. At work, you want people to appreciate your head-to-toe look – not be distracted by your jewelry.

Pair it with a V-neck

V-necks just beg for artsy necklaces. If your dress or top has this type of neckline, add a statement necklace that follows its shape. A great handcrafted necklace can add dimension to your outfit and fill in some of the space left by the V-neck. Also, keep in mind that you aren’t limited to just one necklace. Layering a couple of necklaces together makes an even more prominent statement, so find two that work together well. Try layering two chunky pieces or one smaller piece with a larger, more dramatic piece for balance.

Aim for proportion

When it comes to bold, unusual jewellery, wearing multiple pieces at once may overwhelm your look. Try pairing small, subtle pieces with a large statement piece – for example, small earrings with a large necklace, or no necklace and a pair of large, funky earrings. Also, skip the necklace if your neckline covers most of your chest with intricate details; this is another time when statement earrings or a unique bracelet will be a better option.

Choose a shift

Shift dresses are popular options for work and casual wear, and these versatile pieces generally have high, simple necklines that are super easy to accessorise. The perfect handcrafted jewellery can make all the difference when it comes to giving your shift that ultimate “wow” factor. Try putting together a solid shift dress, an up-do hairstyle, and a bold, trendy necklace for a great look.

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