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The perfect piece of jewellery can provide you with a captivating way to express your personality or make a sartorial statement. A carefully selected piece of jewellery can influence your mood, reflect your identity and empower your every day.

Our fashion choices provide an insight into how our purchases shape us and enables us to navigate different elements of our identity. Whether it be clothes, accessories, shoes or jewellery, the premise remains the same: studies have revealed a feedback loop between what we wear and our mood, confirming that how we dress can boost our morale, build confidence and even improve relaxation.

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The simple act of dressing up can influence how we feel. The process of dressing, in itself, can be enjoyable and generate feelings of pleasure. What we choose to wear can make us feel more or less prepared for the day, more or less confident and, in some situations more or less competent.

When it comes to jewellery, some of these attributes are heightened. What makes a piece of jewellery most potent for the wearer is often the meaning it holds. Jewellery tends to be longer-lasting so has more time to accumulate stories. Special items of clothing can also do this but, in the end, clothing may fall apart unless it’s handled extremely carefully, whereas jewellery can be worn daily.

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The jewellery we wear can be a strong signifier of many things beyond our personal tastes. Jewellery speaks to an individual’s wealth, social status, culture and reveal more about their self-identity – therefore, people should definitely consider the meaning behind their jewellery choices, as it’s another way to allow them to embrace their most authentic self.

By wearing unique pieces, we can enhance our overall visual appeal. A fun-loving spirit can also be signified by our jewellery choices. We are drawn to jewellery because of its lack of function. It is not utilitarian and is rarely necessary, but it is fun and, and adds a feel-good factor. Jewellery can provide a little act of rebellion or escape from the practicality of day-to-day life and adds beauty for beauty’s sake.

Jewellery, often hold and triggers emotional memories. It can remind us of who we are, help us to feel connected, loved and part of something bigger than ourselves.

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