Necklaces and Brooches by inSync design

If you love jewellery and want to show off your individual style, an easy way to do so is by wearing a unique necklace or a statement brooch. 

Statement pieces such as necklaces or brooches are often large-sized and attention-grabbing. They can lift a simple outfit effortlessly. Statement necklaces and brooches are often made of varied materials, like silver, gold, stainless steel, rubber, plastic to name a few. 

Blade Necklace by inSync design

Bold and funky necklaces or brooches will easily lift a basic outfit such jeans and a t-shirt or accentuate a classic black dress when worn to a special occasions. An easy upgrade to to any outfit, expressing your individuality and adding an air of mystique.

A statement necklace or a brooch is often made of interesting and unusual materials or techniques that created with unusual colour, design, shape, or unique details that culminate in a piece that becomes a focal point, a conversation starter and a piece that you simply can’t ignore.  

Rings Brooch by inSync design

Some statement necklaces can be fairly large and heavy around your neck.  However, the inSync necklaces are certainly unique, and make a statement effortlessly, but they are also very practical and super comfortable to wear for women on the go.

Nest Necklace by inSync design

We believe that every woman should have a few fashionable statement pendant necklaces, that are suitable for special occasions or a casual coffee with a friend. They are a simple trick to upgrade your look with wearable art, that easily transforms your look, attract compliments and are practical and comfortable to wear to any occasion.

Breath Brooch by inSync design