About inSync design


In an era of mass-production, conformity and dispensability, inSync delight in rebellion.

“For over a decade I have been making contemporary jewellery by hand from the comfort of my cosy Melbourne studio. Having previously studied
graphics, silversmithing and sculpture, inSync design allows me to
continually push boundaries while exploring new ideas and methods. 

"I am inspired by women who have a self-possessed sense of style, embracing the off-beat and seek originality. They take pleasure in expressing themselves through inSync’s distinct signature style, clever construction and organic forms. inSync design jewellery is ultimately made for all of the wonderful originals out there.”

Iris Saar Isaacs
inSync design Founder, Designer & Maker


The inSync Vision
To create unique, timeless jewellery for creative women who are fearless
about making a statement.

Crafted with Love
We love bold and distinctive jewellery. We are passionate about clever design. We use featherweight and hypoallergenic materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and rubber to ensure our pieces are comfortable and allergy-resistant.

Design Philosophy
We value function as much as form when crafting a piece that feels
deceptively effortless and individual. We are meticulous when designing and making each piece. From the initial concept, through detailed crafting to the final check before a finished piece leaves our studio. 
We incorporate cutting-edge technologies with traditional craft practices whilst making our pieces in our Melbourne studio.

Jewellery for Life
inSync design jewellery is timeless and intended to be worn and cherished for life. We work exclusively with high quality, reliable and authentic materials. We’re so confident in our jewellery's longevity that we offer you a lifetime guarantee.

Awards and Publications
inSync design has captured the attention of editors, curators, and authors
around the world. Take a look at some of the awards and publications that have featured inSync design’s jewellery among their glossy pages:

Sustainable & Fashionable Melbourne 2020
New Necklaces: 400+ Contemporary Designs
New Earrings: 500+ Designs from Around the World
Contemporary Jewellery Yearbook 2012
Contemporary Jewellery Yearbook 2011
Metalsmithing for Jewelry Makers
Handmade in Melbourne
The Melbourne Design Guide

Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award – Finalist (2015)
The International Design Award (IDA) – Silver Award and an Honourable
Mention – Jewellery Category (2014)
Arts & Crafts Design Award – Nominee (2014)
Faces of Design Award – winner (2012)
Australian International Design Awards – Nominee (2011)
Melbourne Design Award – finalist (2011)
Melbourne Design Award – winner (2010)
Faces of Design Award – winner (2010)
Memento Australia – winner (2007)