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Award-winning jeweller, Iris Saar Isaacs of Melbourne brand inSync design supplied her exquisite, handmade pieces to stores inside 70 of the world's most prestigious museums. Many of them were in the USA. 


And then Covid hit, the museums were shuttered as cities went into lockdown and nobody was seeing her jewellery anymore. This story, there is a silver lining - or in Iris Saar Isaacs' case - one that is cast in hypoallergenic stainless steel and plated in 22-carat Australian gold. She found new inSync devotees online who really wanted to support Australian-made.

"The pandemic forced me into finding another way to do business," Iris explains. "I have a niche brand and I had to find my discerning, art loving customer all over again. But what I did discover is lots of people wanting to support our local labels and designers."

Iris Saar Isaacs, who studied graphic design, sculpture and jewellery making, has been a jeweller for 20 years and had her Melbourne brand for 14 years.

"Women fall in love with inSync's handmade pieces and become collectors," she says, "They receive compliments each time they wear them and they're also happy that it's light, hypoallergenic, sustainable and it doesn't tarnish."

Each new design is part of a process that may take up to six months to perfect. Iris Saar Isaacs primarily works alone, although at the height of the museum shopping frenzy she had a staff of three. Still, she remains optimistic about the future.

'I'm proud to be a part of the Australian-made initiative," she says. "It's also very important to have my brand on the Buy Aussie Now Marketplace. I have been there since day one and I love the Buy Aussie message. It's really what I'm all about."