Let’s talk about accessories. For many people, they can feel like an afterthought. But when styled well, those finishing touches are what bring an outfit from nice to WOW!

Here are a few tips on accessorising with impact:

Statement Earrings

A great pair of statement earrings can be the difference between a basic outfit and a WOW outfit. But which pair to wear? For patterned fabrics, try taking cues from your clothes. You could, for instance, wear the a dress with dot pattern with a circular, spiral-y earrings. Or perhaps you’ll pair stripes with the strong lines of hoops

Statement Earrings

Unusual Brooches

Brooches tend to get put into the "granny" style category when actually brooches are super cool - if you style them right! Adding an elegant and sculptural detail to a jacket or top with an abstract brooch is an easy transformation with an interesting focal point that often becomes a conversation starter and a trademark of your personal style. 

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Bold Necklaces

Bold statement necklaces are an easy way to add interest and personality to your favourite outfit. It’s as effortless as adding a striking a statement necklace in gold, black, or silver. These unique and modern pieces will instantly glamourise any of your staple wardrobe items, making sure you stay fashion-forward.

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Belts can play a few different roles in an outfit. First, a belt can help you refine a simple tuck. A hoodie tucked into jeans works on its own, but add a belt, and you’ve got a chic, pulled-together ensemble. Belts (or sashes) can also help define your garment’s silhouette. You can wear a simple top without the sash for a relaxed look, or with the sash to create a bit of shape. Finally—and this one’s a classic—you can use a belt to complement your shoes to pull the entire outfit together.


If you’re not sure where to start, follow this easy rule of thumb: The shorter the hemline, the shorter the heel. A dress which hits a couple inches above the knee on most women, looks great with sneakers and flats, while a longer dress is an ideal match for high heels. That being said, style rules are made to be broken—this one included—and you should never hesitate to try something new, if you like it and feel great in it, go for it!

Garments as Accessories

Think about your garments themselves as accessories. In other words, tweak how you wear and pair your pieces to give them a whole new look. A personal favourite is the half-tuck—a low effort trick that makes a big impact on your outfit. For summertime, try half-tucking a T-shirt into pants. You could also experiment with rolling or pushing up the sleeves of your top or jacket for a more casual look, or tying a sweatshirt around your waist for added definition that doubles as convenient, on-the-go storage. When it gets a little colder, you can try out an accent sleeve, which works best with a long-sleeved top and a jacket with bracelet-length sleeves.

Pops of Colour

In a similar vein, you can also treat pops of colour as accessories—think of bright shades as finishing touches that make an outfit feel complete. A statement shoe, is an easy place to get started. Try it with an all-neutral outfit. You could also go for a colour-blocked look by pairing some vibrant red shorts with a white top and sneakers. Need some colour at the last minute? Tie a bright sweater around your shoulders to take your black suit to a totally different level. Alternatively, you could mix things up with colour, combining warm and cool tones to make an unexpected statement.