Iris' Style EditAre you a silver or gold person?

There is something quite chic about matt gold. I love how it can instantly transform the most simple outfit into something special. 
I also like mixing it up and layer several colours together. My favourite is layering gold, silver and black together, it is a classic colour combination that goes with everything! 

What is the jewellery piece you wear most often? 
In the studio, I wear no jewellery, but when I am out, my preference is a statement pair of earrings and a brooch (or two).

How do you store your jewellery? is it hidden away in dust bags or on display to be adorned? 
I store my jewels in custom made drawers, designed specifically  for my large jewellery collection.
I am an avid contemporary jewellery collector, so I have accumulated quite a few pieces over the years…

What do you think about when designing or choosing your next piece of jewellery?
Since I have a large collection, I try to find unique pieces that are different from what I already have. I love unique modern shapes and clean lines. 

If you could only wear one piece of jewellery for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
A thick gold signet ring on my pinky finger - timeless and elegant.

Do you have a less is more or more is more approach to jewellery?
Definitely, less is more! Choose one hero piece and keep the rest of your jewellery quite minimal.
I usually wear one statement piece with small and understated pieces to complement. My favourite look is to wear one or a cluster of brooches with small earrings in the same colour way or large statement earrings with a bold cocktail ring.

How do you take care of your jewellery? Do you take it off at night? 
I always take my jewellery off before I go to sleep. I store my pieces in jewellery drawers, where they are laid out on a felt surface, easy to see and prevent them from scratching. 

What are your thoughts on mixing metals?
I love mixing gold, silver and black, they are classic colours and go with everything. I regularly play with this colour combination in the X2 Collection. 

Do you have any quirks when styling your jewellery? 
When it comes to styling jewellery, I don’t think you should really follow any rules. I am quite low maintenance... I usually wear black, grey or monochrome outfits and use the jewellery to add personality and a focal point. I alternate between wearing just a pair of earrings with a simple classic dress to layering numerous brooches or a necklace on a monochromatic outfit. 

Do you prefer fine or statement jewellery? 
Definitely statement. Wear it out loud!