Ageless Style

Throughout our entire lives, women are told how we should and shouldn’t dress. When we’re young girls, society wants us to look cute, and then as adults, they want us to be an impossible mix of “proper” and flirty (not to mention thin, hairless, blemish-free, and the list goes on…) 

We believe these standards are total BS; women (and all people) can, and should, dress however the hell they want, regardless of gender, age, or race. 

Some fashion icons like Iris Apfel who built a massive following for their unconventional style, there are many, many more women who face criticism for dressing in a way others deem outside of their age bracket. 

We think you should dress however you feel, no matter what others say. After all, fashion is about self-expression, express your personality, and convey how you feel.

Most importantly - feel good about yourself, knowing that you can wear whatever makes you feel happy and compliments your look!