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inSync Design has captured the attention of editors, curators and authors around the world. Take a look at just some of the publications that have featured inSync design’s jewellery among their glossy pages.

New Necklaces: 400+ Contemporary Designs

The New Necklaces is the third book curated by jeweler and author Nicolas Estrada, from classic forms and materials to the most daring, experimental and surprising ideas, each of the 500 necklaces included in this book has something that makes it unique and relates strongly to today's social, cultural and artistic reality. With prefaces by German jeweler Julia Wild and Leo Caballero, owner of the Barcelona gallery Klimt 02, specialized in contemporary jewelers.

New Earrings: 500+ Designs from Around the World

The new trends in earring design and craftsmanship explored through myriad styles, forms, and concepts.
A new wave of designers and artisans are creating earrings that push the boundaries of jewelry design. Drawing on unique sources of inspiration to incorporate symbol and meaning, they are redefining the earring as more than a mere ornamental piece.

This book showcases a stunning collection of the innovative work of jewelry designers from around the world. The 500 earrings that are featured demonstrate the wide variety of techniques, practices, and resources—some traditional, some more avant-garde—used to execute these imaginative designs in a range of materials.

Metalsmithing for Jewelry Makers: Traditional and Contemporary Techniques for Inspirational Results

This authoritative textbook is certain to become the go-to guide for those new to creating jewelry as well as those looking to make the move from amateur to professional jeweler. Includes a stunning array of 700 instructional and inspirational photos.

Jewel Book. International Annual of Contemporary Jewel Art 12|13

Contemporary jewelry is unquestionably the result of thousands of years of history and research, with present-day jewelers still using the same precious metals and stones as their predecessors, but without ceasing to renovate, reinvent and experiment with materials, techniques and concepts.

Jewelbook is the result of international teamwork, showing contemporary jewelry handcrafted by the world’s finest modern jewelry artists. Jewelbook not only wants to show the most innovative works in contemporary jewelry, but also wants to support jewelry as a cultural expression of our time and will hopefully become an important reference work in this field of art. A tool to make jewelers even more aware of what happens on an international level and to encourage the exchange of ideas and techniques.

Contemporary Jewellery Yearbook 2012, SPAIN

The international community participating in the CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY YEARBOOK presents itself for the second time more united than ever through this collective project aimed at promoting contemporary jewellery and a bold way of understanding jewellery in its more investigative and creative facet.

Contemporary Jewellery Yearbook 2011, SPAIN

“The CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY YEARBOOK 2011 is the new bilingual publishing project aimed at promoting and disseminating contemporary jewellery all over the world. Almost 150 artists from 26 countries are participating in this international community, and together they entail a merger of the most diverse creative languages. They are artists working in design, experimentation, emotions, art… all in the corporal sphere, who contribute their interests, their reflections and their way of viewing jewellery to this annual catalogue. The first print yearbook of contemporary jewellery is indeed a collective, shared challenge that aims to become a worldwide referent thanks to its content in international creative inquiry in jewellery, which has never before seen compiled.

The contemporary jewellery yearbook 2011 has been coordinated and edited by Grupo Duplex, the publisher of the magazine Arte y Joya, a longstanding international publication which is a benchmark in the universe of jewellery.”

Melbourne Design Guide 2009

The Melbourne Design Guide is a beautifully curated guide for all the incredible local talent. It pulls together the know-how of dozens of movers and shakers from all areas of design. Full of hand-drawn maps and walking itineraries, the Guide is a direct connection to the pulse of this inspired city.

The book features two parts. The first part explores design-oriented destinations. The second part introduces the design talent that often works away behind closed doors. inSync design was fortunate enough to be featured amongst this city’s great talents.

Handmade in Melbourne


‘Handmade’ is a wonderfully descriptive term. It evokes a sense of total creativity, the capacity to turn common ingredients or materials into something of purpose, and often of great beauty. Handmade is an essential shopaholics guide to Melbourne’s wealth of stunning products, galleries, shops, and markets.

inSync design was featured as one of the local artists.