Contour Pebble Necklace - Stone

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Crafted from soft neoprene rubber, anodised aluminium 'pebbles' and blackened stainless steel, the stylish necklaces complement the Hybrid Pebble Earrings.

Each piece displays open, fluid lines that are highlighted with anodised aluminium pebbles set like gemstones.

Whimsical 'hand-drawn' necklace with a continuous line that extends seamlessly from the 'drawing' into a flexible black neoprene tubing to create a continuous line the whole way around.


Anodised aluminiumhypoallergenic stainless steel, black neoprene rubber


Drawing - 44 x 68mm (1.73 x 2.67 inch)

Necklace - approx. 240 x 110mm (9.44 x 4.33inch)