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Family Portrait Sculpture

Australian Made Sustainable HandmadeHypoallergenic Feather Light Non Tarnish

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Number Of Panels: 2
Colour: Warm Colour Palette
Warm Colour Palette
Cool Colour Palette


Choose-your-own-adventure centrepiece

Part architecture, part sculpture, the Family Portrait Sculpture invites individual customisation using anodised aluminium panels that are held together by ’locking’ into each other in varied constellations and colours.

Just as our life evolves so can this sculpture. We expand and so does this. It can be built up and adapted to reflect your family's complexities, growth, warmth, and connectedness.

You are the creator defining your unique celebration of togetherness.


This assemblage of organic forms can build a unique structure that symbolises your family in an imaginative and collaborative way for people of all ages to enjoy.

Each panel has slot/s to allow for interlocking and connection in varied formations.

So, unfetter your creativity and explore the endless ways to assemble your family.


Anodised Aluminium Panels


Warm Colour Palette - Red, Orange, Magenta, Gold and Grey

Cool Colour Palette - Blue, Green, Light Grey, Dark Grey and Gold


Sculpture dimensions vary depending on the number of panels. Approx. size for a 5-panel structure is 300 x 300mm. Panel sizes vary between 130-205mm each. 

PLEASE NOTE - each sculpture is custom made and will vary slightly in shape and colour. Please allow up to two weeks for your piece to be made to order.

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