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Single Pebble Necklace


material: anodised aluminium, neoprene rubber

size: Approx. 60cm length, pebble sizes vary between 2.5cm to 4.5cm

THE SINGLE PEBBLE LONG NECKLACE is a long strip of neoprene rubber set with a pebble at one end with a slit running along its centre.

The PEBBLE necklace is an innovative modular piece made of smooth anodised aluminium stones (available in 4 lustrous colours: ruby, navy, mauve and stone) combined with black neoprene rubber lariat.

The pebble is carved out of a solid aluminium block, with a thin channel that runs along it's outer diameter, allowing the neoprene rubber contour to embed perfectly into the metal to create a seamless fusion of the two contrasting elements of colour and texture.


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