X2 Puff Earrings - Raw/ Black


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The whimsical X2 Puff Hoop Earrings are like the perfect pair of jeans.

These double-layered ‘cloud-like’ earrings can be worn as a simple single layer hoop or overlapped with a second contrasting colour of black, silver, or gold.

A true fashion statement, perfect for any evening ensemble or for a daytime event where attitude is necessary.

These simple yet dramatic earrings are crafted from feather-light and hypoallergenic stainless steel.


100% hypoallergenic stainless steel, black powder coat


Approx. 45 x 50mm (1.77 x 1.96 inch)

Styling Tip

The X2 Puff Hoop Earrings can be paired with X2 Aperture Brooch, Whirl Necklace or the Atria Ring to compliment your outfit like a classic staple.

Bonus styling - These earrings can be worn in three looks: 

- Two contrasting layers

- One layer minimalist raw stainless steel earring (you can remove the second shape)

- Asymmetrical - wear one side as 1 layer and one side 2 layers